How To Draw Dabi from My Hero Academia

How To Draw Dabi from My Hero Academia with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Anime Drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How To Draw Dabi from My Hero Academia

Please see Dabi from My Hero Academia drawing tutorial in the video below

I want to introduce you to a new lesson in which I will show you how to draw Dabi. Maybe you have already drawn some of the famous characters featured on this site and now I suggest drawing another one.

Here I will show you how to draw Dabi. This is a character from the anime and manga “My Hero Academia”. Dabi is presented as an aloof, ruthless, and aloof action villain.

In the photo, this young man can be seen holding a small fire in his hand. Dabi has an unpleasant appearance. This is a skinny young man. Messy black hair, eyes forever closed.

Some areas of the skin on the face are unnaturally dark and have rough patches. Dabi usually wears dark pants and a dark jacket over a light shirt.

Dabi from My Hero Academia Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw an oval for the face.
This is a simple step in which you should draw a small smooth line.

Step 2. Draw the hair.
Dabi has messy, bouncy hair. Use short lines depicting pointed hairs.

Step 3. Sketch the jacket.
Draw a coat with a high collar. Body smaller than head.

Step 4. Add the rest of the jacket elements.
Describe the cuffs and narrow strip of fabric for the jacket.

Step 5. Draw the legs.
Dabi’s legs are short and thin. Add a belt at the top of the pants.

Step 6. Sketch the folds on the clothes.
Using a few short strokes, draw creases on the jacket and on the pants.

Step 7. Add the flame to the hand.
Draw the skinny hand and use freehand lines to depict the flame.

Step 8. Add the elements of the face.
Outline the eyes and areas of the face with different skin tones.

Step 9. Color Dabi.
Choose from brown, gray, blue, and purple.

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