How to Draw Anime Body Female || FEMALE ANIME MANGA Drawing

How to Draw Anime Body Female with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. FEMALE ANIME MANGA Drawing for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw Anime Body Figures

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Notice that the body is balanced and the hips are almost completely in line with the shoulders. Note that the women’s shoulders are NOT fully sharpened and straightened like the gruesome drawing on the right. Observation is the key!

Step 2

Below are the different female body poses in anime commonly seen in manga, manga, and everyday drawings. Take a minute to look at the different teams and when you’re done, move on to the first step of the lesson.

Step 3

Breast Variations | Now, here’s a quick front and side view of how different sizes of breasts affect the figure. We have very small, medium, above medium and large DD cup breasts. Since gravity acts continuously on objects; The breast will recede downward with a protrusion at the nipple (nipple). NEVER draw breasts bulging outward as if there was a force pushing them outward or upward, as shown in the gray illustrations. Also, notice the patterned lines cut between the breasts on each figure. This tells how the overlay object will transform in its shape (clothes, accessories, etc.).

Step 4

This is a finished image of a colored and shaded anime female body. This is a three part tutorial and this is what you will learn first. So put on your drawing hat and let’s get started, shall we?

Step 5

Alright, let’s start this step by drawing out the guides and shapes to form a nice frame for the anime female body. Draw a circle for the head and then add guide lines on the face. Add a neckline and then the shape of her square body. Add one more line and then draw the shape of the bottom part of this woman’s body. Since her legs are crossed, you’ll make an “X” for the chi lines.

Step 6

In this second step, you’ll start by drawing the shape of your chin and jawline. Once done, add the shape of the neck and shoulders. Draw curved lines for the eyes and then draw the shape of the female breast. Add a curved waist and then outline the shape of her thighs.

Step 7

Okay, now that you have completed the three steps of drawing on the female anime body, you will start adding more shapes and strokes to the body. Start by drawing the shape of the head and hairstyle, then add the lower eyeliner. Once done, draw the arm lines and then the left thigh. Detail the knee cap and draw the definition line for the pelvis.

Step 8

Well, you’ve finally reached the final step. What you will do here is draw or sketch the bangs on the anime female body. Draw the pupil and then color it. Add the brow lines, then the mouth and nose. Give her some collarbones. Detail her torso by adding a curve for the ribs and then an arch on her chest. Erase all the principles and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 9

This is what your drawing will look like when you’re done. You did a great job with this lesson and I know that thanks to it you will draw other anime characters so much better. All you have to do now is color her and dress her up some clothes. You have just learned how to draw a female body in anime style. There are two other teams on the way.

Step 10

This is the same anime model we used in the first lesson. When you’re done, you’ll have the knowledge of how to draw an anime female body from the side. I didn’t want to put too much detail and emphasis on her breasts so I left it like that. Her hair is even a bit short but that’s because it’s a tutorial on how to draw a female anime style on the body.

Step 11

Start this step by drawing out some basic guides and shapes to frame the body. Draw a circle for the head and then add guide lines on the face. You will then draw out the shape of the side view of the face, so make sure you draw the arch of the nose and the shape of the chin. Add the shape of her torso shape and then the pelvis shape. Add the limb guides and then the hand and foot shapes.

Step 12

In this step, you will draw lines on her face and neck as well as her chest and arms. Once done, you’ll draw the shape of her legs, then her feet and hands. All you have to do now is color her and you’re done. You just learned how to draw a female body in anime style step by step. I hope you learned something valuable that will help you in your future drawings.

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