How to Draw cute Pikachu From Pokemon Go – Pokemon drawing easy

Learn How to Draw Cute Pikachu From pokemon Go step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. pokemon drawing easy for kids and everyone.

How to draw pikachu step by step - Pokemon pikachu drawing

Please see the detailed instructions in the video

You can also refer to the steps for drawing a simple pikachu from Pokemon go with the pencil below:

Step 1

Let’s start with Pikachu’s head. As you can see it is not a perfect circle. Try to make it a little irregular.

Step 2

Under the head, draw the trunk. Should be slightly smaller than the head. Now it looks like a mushroom, right

Step 3

For the eyes add two egg circles and in the middle put a dot for the nose. Under the nose draw two curves and connect them with another curve. This makes the mouth of Chibi Pikachu.

Step 4

Add ear by drawing two rockets. The person on the left must point to the top, the other to the side.

Step 5

Draw two tiny feet at the bottom of the trunk. And add the multi-symbol of Pokemon go.

Step 6

Add Pikachu’s two little feet to his feet. These features make it very cute.

Step 7

For the last touch we draw the details of the face that makes the Chibi Pikachu unique. Add two circles on both sides to the cheeks. In the left corner of the eye draw two small circles. Last but not least, draw the line of this Pokemon’s hair just above the right ear. You can draw it easily with a long ‘M’ shape.

Step 8

Now let’s create a line for Pikachu. Elimination of unnecessary parts. Finally make cute Pikachu by coloring.


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