How to draw Closed Eyes by pencil for beginners

How to draw Closed Eyes by pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to draw Closed Eyes by pencil for beginners

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1: Determine eye size

Determine the size you want for one eye and use 2 markers to mark the boundary for that eye.
Use a ruler to draw a horizontal line through the markers and to the right of the page.
Then measure the first space and multiply it by 3. Now you will end up with 3 equal spaces passing through your sketchbook horizontally.

Step 2: Draw a circle

Draw a circle for each eye. Make sure each circle fits within the boundaries.

Step 3: Determine the angle for each eye

Determine the angle you want the eye to tilt and draw a line through each circle, making sure the angles are the same. Watch the video for tips on how you can do this.

Step 4: Draw the eye shape

Draw the inside and outside corners of each eye where the diagonal line intersects the circle. The inner corner of each eye must be deeper and darker than the outer corner or the outer corner of the eye.
As you draw the tail crease, allow your lines to gradually become lighter instead of having a hard edge.
Finally, draw a set of curves to form the eyelids.

Step 5: Draw a shape for each eyebrow

Use my shadow liner technique to draw a set of eyebrows. I like to draw eyebrows just above the circle and slightly wider than each eye. In the video, I show you a technique to make the eyebrows fit together as well as where to draw the arc.
We detail the eyebrows later. Let Tornado move to the next step!

Step 6: Create a shadow

Before you color, make sure that the guides you drew from steps 1-3 show just a little bit. You can use a kneading eraser to roll a layer of graphite out of those areas.
Let’s start by shading the upper eyelid. Use the side of your pencil to paint a shape similar to an almond. The circle around each eye can help you see if your shadow on the right eye is similar to the left eye.
If you want to draw details such as shadows under eye bags, you can use circles as guides. See the video for an example.
Add some light shadows to the bridge of the nose.
When you’re done, delete what’s left of each circle.

Step 7: Blur the rest of the face

Shading the rest of the face. You can use these two tutorials to learn more about shading:

Step 8: Draw the eyebrows

Here, I switched to 4B 0.5mm lead. Starting at the bottom of each eyebrow, draw the line up. Be sure to lift your pencil up to the end of each stroke to make the hair look more realistic. For a super detailed guide on this, see this tutorial.
At the top of each eyebrow, draw the line down. Add some hair down the middle if it still looks bare.
This step is subtle, but also very important. Use an HB pencil to apply directly below each eyebrow. Make sure the transition is gradual. Now the eyebrows look like they belong, instead of just pasting on the skin.

Step 9: Add wrinkles to the eyelids

This step is optional, but it’s fun, so why not do it?
This is more of a wrinkle than a wrinkle. When the eyes are open, a crease forms on the eyelids. Use pencil H and the lightest pressure to draw two folds. The darker you paint them, the deeper they will appear.
Draw a line of diagonal lines along the edges of each eyelid. This area of ​​the skin is very thin – wrinkles when the skin is pulled violently. You also want to use an H pencil for this.
Depending on where the light is coming from your drawing, blend the opposite side of each diagonal line drawn. For example, in this drawing, light comes from above, so each side of each wrinkle opposite the light will be left alone, while the opposite side of the light will need to be blended. .
Unless you are drawing it on a large scale, avoid using a tree stump as the head will not be thin enough for this job. Instead, use H and HB pencils to create a beautiful gradient along each wrinkle.
Using a kneading tool, go through the areas of each wrinkle facing light and gently dab with the pinched end of your molding tool to lift a thin line of graphite. Highlights will appear brighter and wrinkles will become clearer and more shaped.

Step 10: Draw eyelashes

To begin, draw 3 eyelashes for each eye. One on the left, far on the right and one in the middle. The eyelashes should fan out, deviate from each other.
If you want to be really careful, lightly lash with an H or HB pencil to get started. Once you are okay with the position, curvature and length, etc., overcome it with a darker pencil like 4B. Here, I used a 4mm 0.5B lead.
Take your time to fill the space in between.
It’s okay that some eyelashes touch. It actually looks more natural when they form triangles or even intersect.
How to draw closed eyes Finally, use an HB or 2B pencil to paint directly under the upper eyelid to create a soft shadow that comes from the eyelashes.

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