How to draw A Pitchfork Step by Step

How to draw A Pitchfork easy. Have you ever worked in the garden? Or in a country house? If you had to move a large amount of hay, you might have picked up the forks. This is a great gardening tool that greatly helps with transporting hay, foliage or other waste. That’s why we present you this drawing tutorial on how to draw a pitchfork.

How to draw A Pitchfork

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, we sketch the rough lines of this beautiful fork. This is something like a stickman that we create when we want to draw a man or woman. As in those cases, in the first step we outline the outline and position of what we want to draw. Avoid volumetric figures in this step, this is just a small sketch.

Step 2

Now we will add a small volume to our garden tool. Sharp tips are a must for a good blade. With the help of these spikes, we can collect a lot of hay or frighten the devil hiding in our barn.

Try to draw this part of the trident as smoothly and evenly as possible. At the end of the step, remove all excess lines from this area.

Step 3

Repeat the same move for the wooden part of the fork. You can choose any design for the handle. In any case, try to use straight and smooth lines. The wooden part of the fork will gradually move towards the grinder.

Step 4

So we have the final step of the tutorial on how to draw a fork. Here we need to work with shadows. To create beautiful and realistic shadows, you need to correctly identify the light source. Think about how your pitchfork should be positioned relative to the light source.

In our case, the light falls to the front and a little to the left. So a bright shadow will be on the left edge of the wood and teeth of the fork.

We tried to create a really accessible and simple drawing lesson. Write to us if you have any trouble pointing out the step. We will explain this point to you and keep it in mind in the following drawing lessons.



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