How to Draw a Mountain Goat step by step

How to Draw a Mountain Goat easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw animals for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a Mountain Goat

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Starting to paint your Mountain Goat may seem daunting but it’s just a few lines. Starting with a curve for the jaw, it goes back, and then becomes a downward and then upward wave line, to make the beard. Then create a curve, meeting the right side of your beard about the middle of the road. From that curve, draw a left slant on the end before it meets the jaw. Jaw. Then draw another curve on the right side of the mouth, which is completely curved to form the front of the head.

Step 2

Next draw two curves to the right and meet in a short point to make the right ear. Then add two longer and slightly longer curves to form a horn. Next to that, put two more lines to make the next whistle. Lines should meet at their ends to make the tips sharp. On the left side of your horn, the two curves towards each other to create a point to draw the left ear. Place a circle under the left horn to make an eye, and place an oval at the tip of the nose above the mouth to make the nose.

Step 3

Now for the back! It will be created by a large, bumpy curve that goes from the tip of the left ear. It should curve up at first to imply shoulders, before arching down and then back, to arch around to make the hump behind.

Step 4

To draw a chest, simply draw a sloping line starting at about half the antennae, then going down and to the left. Near the bottom it should bend more to the left to create the bottom of the chest.

Step 5

For the first leg and hooves, make a straight line down and to the left starting right after the straight line at the bottom of the chest. It will then curve down, curve a bit to the right at the bottom. Then on the left side, draw a very slight curve at the top, before slanting down with a little swaying, to refer to the strong muscles in the legs. It should tilt forward at the bottom and draw a line just below the bottom of the foot you have created to create the hooves.

Step 6

The next leg can be drawn with a line in front of the first leg. It should curve from the chest, down and to the left, then forward to imply the obscured mass. Put a line near the bottom for manicure.

Step 7

Now draw the belly with a simple line going from behind the foreleg, to the left. There needs to be a space for you to add legs in the next steps!

Step 8

This leg will be drawn with two curves closer as they go down. The first one will curve slightly to the left before bending to the right. The second line will start near the back you drew, bending to the left first before going straight down, bringing this line closer to the first line you drew. At the bottom, a flat line is needed to create the bottom of the hoof, and a line directly above it to make the top of the hoof.

Step 9

The last leg will be on the right of the back leg you drew. It should be made of two lines. The line should be inclined down and left at first, before turning to tilt down and to the right. Near the bottom there should be a line that creates hooves. Coloring the goat.

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