How to Draw a John Deere Tractor Step by Step

How to Draw a John Deere Tractor with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Easy Farm Drawings tutorial for beginners and all.

How to Draw a John Deere Tractor

Please see John Deere Tractor drawing tutorial in the video below

John Deere Tractor Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Start by drawing tires

Start by drawing two wavy circles. Next, draw two smaller circles on each tire to sketch the rim and the center. Now, add eight small circles around the centers to form the labels.

Step 2. The next form fender

Next, sketch the curved shape of the fenders above the tire. Then, add short lines connected to the tire.

Step 3. Now draw the body of the tractor

Now, draw the slender body of the tractor. Add two horizontal lines near the top part of the tractor. Then, forming grids by drawing a range of vertical lines.

Step 4. Sketch the taxi

Draw two steam cross bands. After that, form the long roof of the taxi.

Step 5. Attach the exhaust pipe

Attach the curved shape of the exhaust pipe attached to the hood of the tractor.

Step 6. Complete the drawing of the John Deere tractor

Let our drawings complete a John Deere tractor! First, fill in tires and centers as well as exhaust with dark gray pen. Next, color the grille and small lugs on the wheel with light gray pencil. Now, the shade of the taxi window with a light blue pencil. Then, use yellow pencil to color the rim and horizontal strip on the tractor body. Finally, fill in the rest of the body and taxi with the iconic green of John Deere tractor.

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