How to Draw a Chicken Coop Step by Step

How to Draw a Chicken Coop with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Included are 9 easy steps to follow, children will enjoy designing their own chicken coop on paper. Also included is a printable version of this chicken coop drawing lesson.

How to Draw a Chicken Coop

Please see Chicken Coop drawing tutorial in the video below

Chicken Coop Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Shape the roof

Form a diagonal rectangle to draw the roof of the chicken coop.

Step 2. Sketch the walls

Sketch the rectangular walls.

Step 3. Add ramp

Add a thin diagonal line at the base of the chicken coop.

Step 4. Draw the doorway

Draw the rectangle of the doorway. Next, add a vertical line above the doorway to draw the inside of the wall. Then add the hay that is visible from the doorway.

Step 5. Create window

Draw the window’s rectangle. Then, outline the chicken wire on the window by drawing vertical and horizontal lines.

Step 6. Attach floor posts

Attach small vertical rectangles below the walls of the chicken coop to draw the floor posts.

Step 7. Shape the chicken’s body

Now, let’s draw a chicken near the chicken coop! First, sketch the shape of the chicken’s body. Draw a shaded circle for its eye. Next, form its pointed beak. Now, draw the bib dangling below its beak. Then, attach a bumpy comb shape to the top of its head.

Step 8. Attach the legs and tail

Attach the chicken’s thin legs to the bottom of the body. Now, form its long, furry tail.

Step 9. Complete the chicken coop drawing

Grab your colored pencils and start coloring our chicken coop drawing! First, fill in the roof with a green pencil. Now, color the walls of the chicken coop with an orange pen. Fill in the inside of the barn visible from the door and windows with a dark gray pencil. Now, color the dry grass with a yellow pencil. Cover the window frame with a light gray pencil. Then, color the ramp and floor posts with a brown pencil. Finally, color the chicken’s body with a white pencil, the beak and legs with an orange pencil, the tail with a gray pencil, and the comb and nape with a red pencil.

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