Easy anime girl Drawing so cute Step by Step

Easy anime girl Drawing so cute with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw anime for beginners and kids.

Easy anime girl Drawing so cute

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Draw Semi-Realistic Anime Head

Anime characters usually have rather round faces. The bottom part of an anime face is usually drawn with two main sets of lines, one going down from the top of the head to around the mouth and another from there to the chin. The chin itself tends to be drawn completely pointed or have a slight curve.

For a more realistic looking anime face, draw the head in almost the same way but with a flatter and wider chin (closer to the real chin). You can also optionally make the head a bit “higher” (longer vertically).

Start drawing with a vertical line to help you make sure both halves of the face are even. Next, you can draw a circle for the top of the head and project the lines of the bottom of the head as described.

Step 2 – Draw the eyes

Position the eyes the same way you would make anime characters look more traditional (as suggested in other tutorials here on AnimeOutline). To do this by drawing a line across the center of the face and drawing the eyes below that line. Space between the eyes so that you can fit another eye between them.

Draw eyes vertically narrower than normal eyes in anime but bigger than real eyes. Make the iris round (the iris and pupil in anime usually elongate vertically).

Step 3 – Draw the semi-realistic nose

While the traditional anime nose is usually just drawn with a dot (in front view) for a more realistic looking style, you can draw a nose that is a lot closer in shape and proportions than real nose.

Position the nose as you would for a traditional anime character with the bottom of the nose between the chin and halfway across the face. (again like the other tutorials here on AnimeOutline).

The entire drawing of a more lifelike nose can be subdivided into various curves. Draw two small curved lines for the nostrils, adding two more curves to suggest the sides of the nose. Paste the tip of the nose with a small curve and finally the bridge of the nose with a rather long curve. Make sure to draw the last line only on one side of the nose. your drawing will look odd if you add it to both sides.

Step 4 – Draw the ears

Drawing ears is quite similar to most other anime styles. Draw the top of the ear in line with the top of the eye and the bottom of the ear in line with the bottom of the nose.

Please note that the ears in this tutorial will eventually be completely covered by hair and erased in the final steps, so drawing them is optional.

Step 5 – Draw Mouth & Lips

The mouth in anime is usually drawn without lips but you can add them if you want a more realistic mouth.

Position the mouth with the lower lip between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

Draw the mouth itself as a curved line with a break in the middle where the lines curve slightly downwards. You can also draw it wider than more traditional anime mouths.

Step 6 – Draw Semi-Realistic Anime Hair

Anime hair is usually drawn in spiked bunches. To make the hair look more realistic, you can still see it as a bunch of hair but without the pointed ends. Instead, leave the ends of the clumps “open” and draw some lines into these openings to create the shape of the hairs. This will create a hair that is still quite easy to draw but looks more realistic.

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