How to draw iphone step by step

How to draw iphone step by step for kids, very easy.

how to draw i phone and coloring pages

Hello. Today, we have prepared a new lesson that will surely appeal to high tech fans. As you guessed, today we are going to draw an iPhone. Let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw an iPhone! You can see detailed instructions on the video.

Step 1

First draw the outline of the rectangle. Note that we had a fairly complex view, we would draw an iPhone with a slight gradient.

Step 2

Next we draw the border inside.

Step 3

continue to draw the front camera of the iphone and control buttons

Step 4

And the picture that makes up the soul is cute. We will draw cute eyes and an apple icon in the phone screen

Step 5

Finally, the coloring, we will color the border of the phone in the color you like, you will create your own.

It was a lesson in which we told you how to draw a cute iPhone. Be in touch with us and wait for the new drawing tutorials. All the best!

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