How to draw a cute cat step by step

How to draw a cute cat for kids step by step

How to draw a cute cat step by step

See detailed instructions in the video tutorial.

Step 1

Start your drawing with a pencil and sketch a wide oval for the face of the cat and shape the bean for the body, drawing a straight line across the center of both shapes.

Step 2

Add the rear legs and small ovals for the paws.

Step 3

Draw two long shapes for the front leg, paying attention to the position and length of the leg.

Step 4

Sketch a cross more to the right side of the big oval and two circles for the cat’s eyes.

Step 5

Draw a small triangle for the nose and the mouth below.

Step 6

Add two triangles on the head to the ear.

Step 7

Trace your drawing with a black marker, you can add more details to the cat’s ears and eyes. Also don’t forget to add the whiskers and tail.

Step 8

Your drawing color, you can add a white bầu bầu dục inside the eye and color color under the green tree.


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