how to draw anime justin bieber step by step

how to draw anime justin bieber for kids step by step, very easy.

how to draw anime justin bieber step by step

See detailed instructions as in the video

Step 1

Are you ready to start this lesson? So good to start. We will start by giving guidance to the head and body. Start with the head, then draw the trunk. Draft the facial instructions before moving on to step two.

Step 2

Next, using the instructions you just made, start sketching the shape of Justin’s face, as you know in the anime form. Also drawn in the shape of the ear too.

Step 3

Now we will sketch the vertical hairstyle that Justin rocks today. When you start sketching your hair, make sure you make the wavy end pieces. Add detail to the hair for texture, and then sketch in the stem line at the head of the forehead.

Step 4

If you are following your anime step Justin Bieber should be coming along the same way. Now you will use facial instructions to draw the face of the eye, then draw the eyebrows, wrinkle the lines for the lid, then sketch in the nose, mouth and red stain on the cheeks.

Step 5

The only thing you have to do here is draw the neck shape, then sketch the shoulder and arm for the under arm. The sweater that Justin wears is baggy so you have to convey it with your art.

Step 6

The last step you need to do is sketch the V-neck, sketched in sweater under the sweater, then sketch the actual figure as well as the neck shape in the form of a cross. Add details throughout and delete the errors and instructions.

Step 7

This is your new drawing of Justin Bieber in the anime form. I know what you are thinking, he looks awesome but annoying. Color drawing as in the video tutorial

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