How To Draw New York || Scenery of new york Drawing

How To Draw New York easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Scenery Drawing for beginners and everyone.

How To Draw New York

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

New York is a city full of iconic structures and landmarks, and few of these are better known than the Statue of Liberty.

This statue is what we will mainly focus on in this first step of our New York drawing tutorial.

Now we will draw the left arm raised, and then we will draw the body of the statue.

Both of these areas are depicted as covered with fabric, so we’ll be using a lot of curved lines as we draw these areas.

This helps to create the look of the crumpled fabric depicted on the statue. Finally, you can start drawing buildings on the left side of the statue.

These buildings have a lot of small details, so you may want to zoom in on the reference image and copy them exactly as they appear there.

Step 2 – Now draw the rest of the statue

In this second step of your New York drawing, we’ll draw the rest of the Statue of Liberty you started with in the previous section.

To do this, use some more long curved lines that connect together. Using the reference image to guide you, you should be able to draw the rest of her body this way.

Once the fabric sections are complete, draw a hand holding the book on the right, then add the arm stretching up on the left. This hand will also grip a torch.

The last thing we will add in this step will be the head for Lady Liberty. She comes with a rather formal expression, and you can also draw her signature pointed crown on top.

Once you’ve covered all of these aspects, we’ll move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Draw some more cities

We focused on the Statue of Liberty in the previous few steps of this tutorial on how to draw New York, and in the next few steps we’ll shift the focus to the city itself.

The city will be the hardest part of this drawing as there are many smaller details to get it right.

However, drawing is not a race, so if you take your time and follow the reference image closely you should be able to do it!

You can now draw part of the base of smaller buildings and structures that some of the taller skyscrapers will be on.

You can start drawing some taller buildings to the left and right of this base, and then go to step 4.

Step 4 – Next, draw some more tall buildings for the city

This step of your New York drawing will see you add some taller skyscrapers to the image. Again, they will be quite detailed and drawn in multiple parts.

Try to change the height of the buildings as this will help make the city look more dynamic and realistic.

Once these buildings have been drawn, you’ll be ready to add some final details and strokes in the next step of the tutorial.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your New York Drawing

You will draw the rest of the city in this step of our how to draw New York tutorial. This will be the largest and most detailed part of the skyscrapers pictured.

You can also use a ruler to help you draw the edges of the building if you want it to look neater and more structured.

Once you have drawn all the parts of the city, you can also add some details of your own!

You can paint aspects like clouds for some weather effects or even add some other landmarks, cars or other vehicles. What else can you think of to end this image?

Step 6 – Finish your New York drawing with color

The final step of your New York drawing will see you complete it with some color. In our reference image, we helped create a more realistic look by keeping the colors a bit more gray and muted with some light blue color combinations.

You can choose a similar color scheme, but you can also use some light colored dots on the buildings if you want a night setting.

What color and art medium do you feel best suits this image? We can’t wait to see what you choose!

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