how to draw wonder woman cute and easy | How to draw cartoons for kids

How to Draw Wonder Woman cute and easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons step by step for children.

How to Draw Wonder Woman Cute step by step - Draw so cute for kids

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Step 1

Draw her face by drawing a letter ‘U’ shape. Draw two circles for each eye. Draw a circle in each eye. Draw 2 curved lines for her mouth.

Step 2

Draw a line at the top of her head. Draw a circle for each of her earrings. Lightly draw a curved line under her face…part of this will be erased later. Draw a wide, upside-down letter ‘v’ shape for her tiara…draw an upside down letter ‘U’ shape for the part between her legs. Draw a line on either side of the tiara. Draw 2 curved lines for her body.

Step 3

Draw lines for her eye lashes. Draw 3 curved lines for her underwear (Weirdo wears it on the outside of her clothes – hehe). Draw upside down ? shapes on her hair. Draw 2 upside down letter ‘v’ shapes on her tiara.

Step 4

Draw 2 lines for each arm. Draw a letter ‘w’ shape on her shirt. Draw a sideways letter ‘j’ shape for each shoe.

Step 5

Draw 2 lines on the star of her tiara. Draw 2 letter ‘w’ shapes below the one you drew in step #4. Finish the star up with 2 sideways letter ‘v’ shapes. Draw a curved line on the end of each arm.

Step 6

Draw another curved lines on her arm for the sleeve. Draw a sideways #3 shape for her hair.

Step 7

Draw 2 curved lines on her legs. Draw an upside down letter ‘v’ shape under the ‘W’ shapes on her shirt. Draw curved lines on her boots. Draw letter ‘c’ shaped thumbs. Draw the soles of the boots.

Step 8

Draw a letter ‘U’ shape for each hand. Draw a line on each boot. Draw a bunch of lines on her shirt and boots.

Step 9

Color in Wonder Woman if you have the time.

It’s easy to draw a cute Wonder Woman for you. I hope you enjoy and create your own. Wish you always happy!



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