How to Draw a Plate Step by Step

How to Draw a Plate Easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to Draw a Plate

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

This will be a very simple lesson covering simple geometric shapes. So let’s start by drawing an oval.

Step 2

Now draw another oval inside the oval from the first step. This oval should be slightly lower than the center.

Step 3

Now let’s draw the bottom of the disk as shown in our example.

Step 4

Draw the edge of the plate with a long, curved line.

Step 5

Now, using the bloom feature add shadows and glare on the surface of our sheet.
So it was a very simple lesson on how to draw a plate. If it’s too simple for you, visit the lessons from the two categories “People” and “Electronics” – there are many lessons that are difficult but at the same time very interesting and useful.

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