How to Draw Akatsuki from Naturo

How to Draw Akatsuki from Naturo with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Cartoon drawing tutorials for beginners and all.

How to Draw Akatsuki

Please see Akatsuki from Naturo drawing tutorial in the video below

Akatsuki from Naturo Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Begin this step by drawing a series of eleven circles for all eleven Akatsuki. Once the shapes are drawn, you can add face guides. The only shape you won’t make a circle is Zetsu, for him you’ll draw a heart.

Step 2

You will now sketch out the shapes of all their faces as you see here, and make sure to take your time to make the organization look good. Next, start sketching their hairstyle as you see here. For the last character facing the right, all you need to do is draw swirls for the face. For Zetsu, draw the mouth of your tree like a head attachment.

Step 3

You will now start sketching all the eyes, eyeballs, nose and mouth. Once done, you can sketch out more of the hairstyles you see here and then draw the teeth on the Zetsu in more detail. As you can see each member of Akatsuki looks different.

Step 4

Sketch some of the remaining hairstyles of some of the characters you see here. Once that’s done, you can start sketching out some details and definitions, as well as drawing the collar of the Akatsuki cape that all of these members wear.

Step 5

This is your final drawing step and all you have to do is finish drawing the collars, then add details and definitions to all of them. Make sure you draw the forehead protector on the character wearing them. Erase all the guides and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6

This is the complete lesson on how to draw Akatsuki step by step. Color them all and you’ve just painted the entire clan. You did a great job!

You can see more drawing:

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