How to Draw a Surfer Girl Step by Step

How to Draw a Surfer Girl with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. There are 9 easy steps to follow, You’ll enjoy making their own surfer girl on paper. Also included is a downloadable version of this surfer girl drawing lesson.

How to Draw a Surfer Girl

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. First draw the head

First, draw the surfer’s head by creating a U-shaped line. Attach the ears by drawing a small curved line on either side of the head. Next, outline the hair by creating a wavy shape similar to the illustration. Let’s draw the face by creating two dots for the eyes. Draw two short, curved lines across the top of the eye to form the eyebrows. Draw a small curved line in the middle of the face to draw the nose then draw a crescent shape below to draw the mouth.

Step 2. Sketch the body

Outline the body by forming a shape similar to the drawing.

Step 3. Draw the bikini

Let’s draw the surfer girl’s bikini! First, create the bikini top by drawing a U-shaped line. Next, create a small curved line next to the drawn U-shaped line. Now, create a line to draw the bottom edge of the bikini top. Then, draw the bikini bottom by drawing a slightly curved horizontal line upward.

Step 4. Attach limbs

Attach the limbs by drawing long, thin shapes as shown. Draw round bumps to form the hands and feet.

Step 5. Draw the surfboard

First, draw the outline of the surfboard by creating a long, thin oval. Next, create a curved line following the shape of the surfboard. Then, draw the surfboard’s strings by creating a straight line.

Step 6. Create wave crest

Create whitewater-filled wave crests by creating bumpy shapes. Also included is water splashing around the surfboard as she rides it!

Step 7. Create a corrugated wall

Draw curved lines to form the curved wall of waves.

Step 8. Add white water

Add some white water detail to the bottom of the surf wave by drawing a squiggly line.

Step 9. Complete the drawing of the surfing girl

Complete the drawing of the surfer girl by coloring the surfer’s skin with a light brown pencil. Next, dye your hair with a yellow pencil. Now, color her bikini with a red pencil. Then, color the surfboard using yellow and red crayons. Fill in the top of the water wave with a light blue pencil and the wall of the wave with a darker blue pencil. Finally, shade the sky using a blue gradient.

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