How to Draw a Modern House Step by Step

How to Draw a Modern House with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a Modern House

Please see Modern House drawing tutorial in the video below


Beginners will benefit from this simple step by step lesson for learning how to draw a modern house. This easy modern house instruction guide is perfect for younger kids looking to learn how to draw.

Modern House drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Shape the walls

Start by drawing three vertical lines. Then, connect the bottom of these lines with a horizontal line.

Step 2. Attach the roof

Create a diagonal roof for the left part of the house and a horizontal roof for the right part of the house.

Step 3. Draw the window

Now, draw a wide rectangular outline with two vertical rectangles to form the windows on the first floor of the house. Next, create a rectangular outline with the top cut diagonally to draw the windows on the second floor. Create vertical strips to add a window grid.

Step 4. Add doors

Start by drawing two vertical lines to outline the main door in between the first floor windows. Next, draw a vertical rectangle slightly to the left of the door. Then, attach a thin rectangular door handle. For the garage door, draw a wide rectangular outline and add evenly spaced horizontal lines as shown.

Step 5. Build the steps ahead

Build the front steps of the house by drawing a stack of horizontal rectangles.

Step 6. Complete the modern house drawing

Give your modern home a little personality by adding some color! Start by filling in the glass on the doors and windows with a light blue pencil. Next, paint the wall in a light blue tone. Now, color the roof, door frames, and windows with a dark gray pencil. Then, use a brown pencil to shade the front steps and doorknob. Finally, color the garage door a darker blue.

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