How to Draw a Mansion House Step by Step

How to Draw a Mansion House with this how to video and step by step drawing instructions. In just nine simple steps, you will gain very useful artistic skills.

How to Draw a Mansion House

Please see Mansion House drawing tutorial in the video below

I suggest you complete a new lesson in which you will learn how to draw a mansion. The lesson is designed specifically for beginner artists and consists of nine simple steps.

I think you will be interested in learning how to draw a mansion step by step. Each step has a brief description that will help you to take the next action more precisely. This lesson will help you practice your art skills and you can easily draw any other structure.

In the photo you see a beautiful house well maintained. Usually, such a house is located in a beautiful area and is intended for a large family. The house has two floors and is decorated with columns. For coloring you can use the same colors as in my example or take any other color you like.

Mansion House Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outer contour of the villa.
Draw a straight rectangle using straight lines.

Step 2. Sketch the roof.
The roof has the shape of a trapezoid.

Step 3. Add canopy on columns.
Identify the middle of the house and draw a canopy, consisting of two triangles.

Step 4. Add details.
Draw windows and balcony doors on the second floor.

Step 5. Draw the balcony.
Using straight lines, draw the balcony and the frame on the window.

Step 6. Draw the front door.
Outline a straight rectangle at the bottom.

Step 7. Add columns on the ground floor.
Describe the columns on either side of the front door and add a horizontal ceiling above the columns.

Step 8. Add details.
Describe the windows on the first floor and columns on the second floor.

Step 9. Color the villa.
Choose any color for the drawing.

You can see more drawing:

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