how to draw a cute cartoon cow step by step

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How to draw a cute cartoon cow step by step for kids

Please take a look at the interesting drawing tutorial in the video

You can learn more about the simple drawing steps below:

Step 1

First, the rectangle is bent sketcha. This rectangle will be the body of the cow. The right side outlines the silhouette of the cow neck.

If possible, sketch two body parts at the same size ratio as you see on this picture. Make the pen pencil loose; Zoom in to see details.

Step 2

Outline the cows and draw the belly curve, as you see on this sketch.

The shape of the cow slowly grows and each step becomes easier as you progress.

Step 3

This step can be a bit difficult because you are about to draw the leg of the cow. Sketch your legs as you see on the picture. Small Ellipses on the leg is the knee.

Be more careful about the size of these outlines because they will determine the total balance of the drawing.

This is probably a bit complicated for a beginner, but it is ok if you can not make it to the first try. Making a mistake is completely normal so it’s easy on it. Draw and redraw.

If you are sad, then leave the pen and paper and do something else. Come back later and continue to draw. Everyone has these dark habits when you can not concentrate.

Among other body parts, true sketching is one of the core techniques when you learn to draw a cow or learn to draw any animal.

Make the second line on the cow’s head as you see on the picture, and draw out the horns.

Step 4

We only have a few pencil strokes far from perfecting the shape of the cow.

Outline the rest of the four legs as you see on this picture. Sketch the breast and nipple the same size as you see on this picture.

Sketch the ears, eyes and mark the mouth and nose on the muzzle. Finally draw the tail. Make the tail as the last one. Your cow drawing is almost ready.

At this stage your drawing will look like a cow. If not, then review and re-draw the part where you made the mistake. Just delete and redraw.

Step 5

It’s time to give it a final shape!

Delete all unnecessary pencil lines. If you have a pencil type, use it now. If not, use your standard soap to avoid confusing important pencil marks.

You can draw a silhouette of a cow while deleting unnecessary pencil lines. Just use the pencil because you may need to erase some parts again.

Sketch the whole cow with a soft pencil as you see on this picture.

Your cows are now approx. In the same shape or similar to this picture on the picture. You’re almost done. Your cow drawing is ready.

Now, you have learned how to draw a cow. You can stop here if you want or you can continue coloring it.

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