How To Draw A Scorpion and coloring pages for kids

Learn how to draw a scorpion and coloring pages with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How To Draw A Scorpion

Please see the detailed and interesting instructions in the video

You can also refer to the steps below:

Step 1

First draw a long curve for the body of your scorpion. Then draw another for the pliers. Add a small oval at the intersection of the two lines and mark the end of the scorpion trunk with a curve
Next, draw the outline for the body and the pliers. It should be easy to do because you have drawn the original outline of your scorpion – just sketch it.

Step 2

Now you can draw the outline of the pliers. Just stretch the lines that you drew. Remember that the clamp must be small and narrow. They serve as a tool to attract the scorpion’s prey (the main weapon is still the scorpion’s tail). Outline your scorpion’s feet on both sides.

Step 3

Finish drawing the scorpion’s legs and start painting the casing in detail. Divide your scorpion tail into multiple segments and draw a line separating your head from the body.
Delete sublines around the tail, divided into multiple segments. The last step, draw a parallel line at the bottom of the scorpion body. After doing that, just draw the pliers in detail and check your drawings again, repair the line you see fit.

Step 4

Finally color the scorpion to your liking. Make the scorpion into many beautiful colors

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