Draw for kids and coloring pages – How to draw simple worm

How to draw simple worm and coloring for kids

Today I will guide you to draw a cute worm and paint the color. From this drawing you can create and create many interesting cartoon characters.

How to Draw Simple Worm Coloring Pages for Kids

Please see the detailed instructions in the video.

You can start painting practice by referring to the simple drawing steps below:

Step 1

Start by drawing two eyes close together. Add the blackness of the eye with dots.

Step 2

Draw a circle over the eyes to create a worm’s head. To finish our head we painted a laughing mouth, a black nose, and a pair of antennae on the top of the head.

Step 3

Next we draw the worm body. Draw 6 circles in equal rows and lower half of the head of the worm, Pay attention to the smaller tail.

Step 4

Draw the leg. The first part of the body draws two small legs on either side, The next part draws a small leg on one side.

Step 5

Finally we finish the cute worm by coloring it with many colors to your liking.

Hopefully through these five simple steps you can easily draw your worms according to creativity, Here the children can learn more colors.

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