Pokemon drawing coloring pages – How to draw Vulpix (Pokemon)

How to draw Vulpix from pokemon step by step and coloring pages

Today we are drawing Vulpix from pokemon! Follow along with us and capture your own Vulpix. You can see the most complete drawing tutorial in the video.

How to draw Vulpix (Pokemon)

Or you can refer to the following simple drawing steps:

Step 1

Draw a circle for the head, then draw out the shape for the body. You will then need to add a mark on the face.

Step 2

Next, draw the shape of Vulpix’s nose with a large black dot and ear contour. When done, draw a tangle of curls on the characteristic head

Step 3

The mouth opens with astonishment. Draw almond shaped eyes, as well as the inner ear.

Step 4

You will completely render Vulpix’s body standing upright. Draw the four legs, then add a little belly and chest.

Step 5

Finally, drawing a large curved tail ends up like a bulging cloud that looks like a multi-tailed fox. Delete your mistakes then you are done. and finish by coloring, the tail and the hair color of the orange, brown body and gray belly.

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