how to draw a cute cartoon sunflower step by step

how to draw a sunflower cute and coloring step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.


Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle of scallops. You may want to draw a circle first as a guide, then delete the circle after adding scallops.

Step 2

In the circle of draw cute smiley face

Step 3

Draw 5 petals, equidistant around the circle ring. Each petal will consist of two curves, stretching from the dark circles in the center of the flower and going to a point. Add five more from the beginning. They will extend from the edges of the first petals. Add lots of petals to the left of your drawing. These four petals will be drawn between the current petals. The lines you use for these petals will be shorter than the other points, the points of all the petals end up the same distance from the center of the flower.

Step 4

Continue to add chrysanthemum to the other side of the flower.

Step 5

Next, draw the trunk. Extend two long lines, parallel, slightly curved from the upper flowers. Connect the two original lines at the bottom by a short curve. Draw a long, curved curve extending from the right side of the trunk. This is the beginning of a leaf. Extend a long, curved curve from the left side of the stem, a little higher than the right.

Step 6

To form the trunk of each leaf, extend a line from the flower body, just below each leaf line, to intersect each leaf line in a point. Next, draw your leaf. Draw a curve from the top between the leaf stems to meet the end of the leaf line at one point. Extend the S curve from the bottom of the leaf stalk, also satisfying the other leaf lines in a point.

Step 7

Draw leaf veins by placing a curve through the middle of the leaf, extending from the root of the leaf to the head. Secondary venous drainage from the first use of three short curves, slightly curved. You will repeat this process for the second leaf. Use two curves to form the outside of the leaf.

Step 8

Add details to the petals. Start with the first five petals you draw, extend a line near the center of each, from the center of the flower to the top of the petal. Repeat this process on all other petals.

Step 9

Your flower color. Sunflower petals usually come in a variety of colors, from yellow to orange and the center may be brown or orange.

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