Children’s Coloring – how to draw cute cartoon flowers

how to draw cute cartoon flowers step by step for kids

Learn how to draw cartoon flowers with simple shapes simply by following this easy and intuitive tutorial! Please see the detailed instructions in the video.

How to Draw Cute Flowers for Kids Coloring, Children's Coloring

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Step 1

Start your cartoon rose drawing out by creating a circle. Circles form the basis of many drawings, so no matter which object you are approaching, you can still use circles to place basic shapes before adding details.

Step 2

Make two curves starting at either side of the circle and attaching them to a point in the middle, so that it looks as though the circle is wearing a hat.

Use multiple curves to create other petals along either side of the circle. If you want your drawings to look exactly the same on this page, please ensure that your flower petal flower bends slightly and just like in the example.

Step 3

Remove the additional lines from the original circle and add some lines on the current petals to make it seem like an unopened bud. There is no magic to create this – they are just curves. Take a close look at the example and you will get it easily.

Step 4

Now let’s go to the bottom of the pattern … where you have to make the little curves look like the skirt of a dress, double the rivets to be exact and follow the examples for the right position of the frill.

Step 5

In this step we add the root of the flower. Just draw a simple double line attached at the bottom.

Once you have the location of the trunk made, you can move to two leaves on either side of the trunk. I find that it is easiest to draw this leaf shape (which also looks like a water droplet shape) if you draw it in two different curled strokes instead of trying to draw the whole shape just with a movement of your pen or pencil.

Finally, add the small lines as in the example to mark the veins in the leaf.

Step 6

The basic shape of the animation has been completed. The only thing left is the face. Draw two small circles for the eyes and within two smaller circles for the white dots will create the eye’s highlights. Be sure to add two curved edges at the top of each eye to make your animated film even magical. The final step is for you to create a “U” shape with a straight line over it to complete the mouth. Stay inside the mouth do not forget to add a small area that you can color the red to create inside the mouth! Add a small flower pot to the flower.

Finally finish the work by coloring the flower is cute.


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