How to draw a beautiful girl easy

How to draw a beautiful girl easy step by step for beginners. Do you want to learn how to draw a beautiful girl? Today we will learn how to draw a girl. A girl Drawings helps you draw a series of beautiful girls without having trouble seeing tedious tutorials. Let’s take a look at the detailed and dynamic drawing tutorial in the video

How to draw beautiful anime girl

How to draw a beautiful girl easy step by step

Step 1. Draw the eyes

Start drawing the beautiful girl with her eyes, the girl has closed eyes and long curved eyelashes.

Step 2. Add eyebrows

Draw two thin curved lines for the girl’s eyebrows.

Step 3. Draw the hair and ears

First step is to draw the girl’s hair to form the face, and don’t forget the ears.

Step 4. Completely draw the face

Next draw the girl’s beautiful slim face, add her straight nose and seductive lips, pay attention to drawing the girl’s lips evenly and not too thick.

Step 5. Finish the hair

Add wavy strokes to complete the girl’s flowing hair.

Step 6. Draw the neck, shoulders, hands

Finally, use gentle strokes to create the girl’s neck and shoulders, not forgetting the slender ear that is stroking her hair.

Step 7. Complete and color the beautiful girl

How to draw beautiful anime girl

Add some details to complete the beautiful girl and color her to make her more beautiful and outstanding. You can use different colors, here we use blue for the hair, pink for the skin and red for the lips.

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