Cartoon animals drawing – How to draw cute rabbit easy

Learn to draw a cute rabbit rabbit. This step-by-step guide makes it easy, especially through video. Children and beginners alike can now attract a beautiful rabbit.

How to draw cute rabbit

Please see the animated drawing guide in the video

You can also refer to the simple drawing steps below:

Step 1

Draw the head. Think about drawing a “C” backwards with a bump in the middle.

Step 2

Add eyes, long ears at head and small nose. Make sure your eyes are just right and add a cute eyelash

Step 3

Use large rounded curves drawn back and neck. Draw a smaller curve for the neck under the chin.

Step 4

Then draw the front leg at the bottom. It is almost under the ear.

Step 5

Draw tear and hind legs. Start the curve for the big hind leg almost in the back. Make the legs back flat along the bottom.

Step 6

Add a ring, tail feathers on the back and a front leg.

So we can draw a cute bunny in a few simple steps. Finally paint the color to your liking

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