How to draw a tulip step by step easy

How to Draw a Tulip. This tutorial will teach you how to draw realistic and cute cartoon tulips.

How to draw a tulip flower

Please see the detailed instructions in the video

You can also learn drawing in the following simple steps

Step 1

Use a pencil to create a picture.
Set the paper object limit. Place flower buds and stems.

Step 2

Show the mass of the flower bud above, marking where there are two smaller petals of the flower buds involved. Mark the stem in the same way.

Step 3

Draw the symmetry of each petal, then draw a petal. Draw symmetry on the leaves.

Step 4

Start drawing more realistic shades. Draw similar leaves.

Step 5

Contour, try to change the thickness and black of the line. Do not forget to delete unnecessary lines and enhance your stroke. And your tulips are ready!

Step 6

Color your favorite color for the tulip

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