How to Draw a Dragon 3D step by step

Learn how to draw a dragon 3D with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Draw a dragon in the Loch Ness Monster.

How to draw a dragon step by step - 3D trick art

Let’s take a look at the tutorial video tutorial

You can also refer to the simple drawing instructions below

Step 1

Draw lightly. Outline two circles close together.

Step 2

wedge to draw the basic shape of the muzzle.

Step 3

Draw the neck. If desired, use a picture of a snake for reference.

Step 4

Draw the basic shape of the head that you want to add. In this illustration, a trapezoidal or triangular rectangle is used as a guide to attract fins.

Step 5

Draw additional shapes such as cones or hills to make it possible to attach horns or tendons, hair, etc. Read books or use the Internet to study different animal characteristics that you can use, or , create something unique.

Step 6

Draw your attachment options. This illustration uses the horn based on a water buffalo, giving the Dragon any kind of attachment you like.

Step 7

Sketch the shape and position of the eye.

Step 8

Use a smaller tilt drawing tool to add details and fine-tune the outline.

Step 9

Draw more details such as fins, spines, etc.

Step 10

Draw the final outline of the outline.

Step 11

Remove and delete the sketches to create a clean sketch.

Step 12

Add color and shading to the artwork.

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