How to paint Cherries Step by Step

How to paint Cherries with this how-to video and step-by-step painting instructions. Easy painting tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to paint Cherries

Please see the painting tutorial in the video below

Lena Danya

You can refer to the simple step-by-step painting guide below

Base paint the cherries

1.Load your 10th flat brush with Deep Tomato Red

(or other red, I show you a few other colors in the video at the end of this post)

Start with your brush on the chisel edge at the top of the cherry.

2. Press and rotate the brush between your fingers to create the first half of the circle.

draw a circle to start drawing a cherry
3. Reload the brush and paint the other half in the same way but starting from the bottom and swiping upwards. Videos do a better job of showing you how I do it.

Let the base layer dry.

How to draw a cherry
Loads of 10 flat brushes with Berry Wine and Cardinal Red. Make sure the berry is just a light touch on the rim.

So Cardinal will take up most of the chisel edge and Berry Wine will take up 1/4 of the edge.

Note: See Basic strokes for an explanation of loading, strokes, and terminology.

Start chisel edge again at 12 o’clock.

With Berry Wine against the outer edge, paint the same stroke as the background.

Berry wines will create shadows while Cardinal red will add brightness to the center.

shade cherries with darker red, how to draw cherries art pamela groppe
Swipe center cherry seam
Reload the brush again with Berry Wine and Cardinal Red.

Start at the top center or slightly to the right of the center and use the same stroke down the center of the cherry instead of at the outer edge.

That creates a seam shadow down the cherry. This is the one stroke method and is optional.

add ribs to cherry paintings
Paint a cherry without seams
Paint the base for the cherries like at the beginning of this article.

In the video, I show you that you can paint the background with a lighter, lighter shade of red for a different effect

Glossy paint on cherries

Set of 10 flat brush with Berry wine.

Optional: you can double the Berry and Cardinal or Apple red if you want.

Swipe along the bottom outer edge with Berry Wine to add some shine.

You can let it dry or you can continue to paint wet while wet. Sometimes wet when wet can pull paint up from your base coat depending on how dry the paint is.

Play it by ear. If it pulls the bottom layer up, wait for it to dry completely before continuing.

Add highlights to the cherry
Sideload your brush with a brighter red, Apple’s red as well. Or you can highlight with Pure Orange.

Don’t try to add white to accentuate it, it will just turn your cherries pink and we wanted to keep them a charming red.

Swipe the red Apple along the top edge to create an accent.

add accent to cherries with brush, art pamela groppe how to draw cherries

Painted cherry details
With the corner of your flat brush or liner brush, create a light smile shape where you took the base of the cherry. I call this a divot.

Keep it small. This is just a shadow of a color. I used Berry Wine or Black Cherry but you can also use Burnt Umber to create this little shadow.

add diving for the trunk, how to draw cherries, pamela groppe . art
How to draw cherry tree trunk
Use Burnt Umber or I also used Thicket to draw cherry branches.

Load a #2 stroke primer brush with ink paint. Ink paint is paint you’ve added a little water to to dilute to an ink-like consistency.

You want the paint to flow from the brush in a thin line.

Drag the thin stems from the divot that you drew on the cherry.

Add branches to draw a cherry
Sorry for the blur, I managed to take a picture while my brush was moving.

Add some leaves if you like. For leaf painting tutorials, visit:

How to draw leaves

Now to add a spark
Now you can add some white. Let the painted cherries dry.

Dip the tip of liner #2 in white.

Touch the point where you want to add the spark and make a comma stroke.

Keep it small and light. At first, don’t be too critical of it.

I always thought spark wouldn’t work or I didn’t like how it looked.

Walk away and turn around and you’ll find that it really does add a little something to bring your cherries to life.

Adding sparks to cherry paintings, pamela groppe art, how to draw cherries

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