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Learn how to draw a barn owl with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to Draw an Owl

Let’s take a look at interesting drawing instructions and study in video

You can learn more about the simple drawing steps below with a pencil:

Step 1

Draw a circle at the top half of the page as a guide for the shallow owl’s head. It is not perfect. It’s just a guide. In the beginning, drawing two junction will help you put the facial features of the next calf’s face. Bend the road to contour the shape of the circle. At the bottom right of the head, draw another circle as a guide for the top of the shallow body. This circle should be slightly larger than the first circle. And again, do not worry about painting it perfectly. Note the location of the circle. The bottom part is not below, and their edges are lightly grazed.

Step 2

Draw a long arc similar to the letter U in the lower right of the second circle as a guide for the lower part of the owl’s body. Draw two lines connecting the head and body of the owl’s head and forming the neck. Draw four short lines, straight under the cage body as a guide for the foot. Draw a smaller U-shaped bow at the lower right of the owl’s body as a guide for the head of the wing. That is the original drawing! From this point on, emphasize more with your pencil to get a better defined sketch.

Step 3

Draw the eyes inside the head using the lines as the instructions to place. The shape of the quail-like eyes is like the sharp-pointed eggs. The left eye should be smaller because of the view. Draw a small circle inside each eye to represent the glare. Darken the eye for the true eyeball. Draw a slightly larger circle in each eye and cover it for the students. Add more value to the rest of the sheep bird. Do not make them as dark as the students. Draw a few lines around the eye for more details.

Step 4

Brush the quail feathers of the puppy that cover the top of the beak using the junction as a guide. The feather forms a V-shaped like the start between the eyes and moves down towards the guide. Use the short, short strokes to indicate the feather hair. Corner up the two paths so that they meet in the middle, then follow the instructions as you draw feathering into the middle fence. Draw a small, sharp, angular shape under the feathers for the sheep owl.

Step 5

Draw a dog’s heart shaped face using circles and lines as a guide. Start at the top of the guide and follow the path inside of the circle when you draw the feather. Use fast, short strokes to draw a contour for a soft texture and in the main circle. The ending should be like a heart with a round bottom instead of pointed. Draw the outer layer of sheep’s face using the heart shape as a guide. Simply follow the path and make the heart thicker by adding darker lines, curvier on the outside.

Step 6

Draw the head of the owl using the main circle as a guide. Extend the top of the head and make the line darker. Use the lines at the bottom as a guide to drawing the legs. Follow the path of the longest path and make the top part of the foot thicker. Use short, short strokes for feathers of sheep owls. Soften the remaining lines at the bottom to create the toes.

Step 7

Draw the first part of the owl wings using the original shapes as the guide. Use a series of straight lines and curves to draw the outer part of the main wing. The shape of the wing curve crosses between the two original shapes. Pause a video if you need help to get to the right.

Step 8

Draw a feather inside the bird’s wing. Do not add individual feathers. Just a few long curves inside to indicate the basic structure of the wing. Draw longer curves to complete the bird’s wing. Draw a long curved curve up to the U-shaped lower right that seems to be the tail but actually the wing tip.

Step 9

Draw the rest of the stall using the remaining lines as a guide. Draw a few curves between the legs and the wing tip for short tail feathers.


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