how to draw Baby Boss from the Boss baby

How to Draw Baby Boss from The Boss Baby step by ste with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.


Please refer to the detail guide in the video

You can also learn the simple steps below with a pencil:

Step 1

We start with the general shape. Outline the outline of the head and trunk and legs.

Step 2

Draw the eye in semicircle. Above the eyes draw eyebrows with curves. Sketch nose, mouth and small ears.

Step 3

Use a broken line to draw the hair. Draw a small circle into the eye. Brief outline and hand outfit details. At the end of this step draw the outline of your hands and feet

Step 4

Add some wrinkles to the face and draw lines inside the ear. Draw the racer behind and straighten the legs. Gives a complete view of the lines – draws them out and removes more strokes.

Step 5

Color the baby boss.

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