How to Draw Bluey Step by Step

How to Draw Bluey with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. This guide contains just nine easy steps.

How to Draw Bluey

Please see Bluey drawing tutorial in the video below

In this fun drawing lesson you will learn how to draw Bluey step by step. The character you draw will look very cute and funny. There are nine steps in this simple guide.

Have you seen the Bluey animated series? This time we will draw the main character of this animated series. This is a puppy that stands out for its curiosity, vivid imagination, and abundant energy. Bluey’s puppy lives with his parents and younger sister. This puppy gets into various interesting stories.

So if you are interested in this character, then I suggest you start drawing it step by step.

Bluey Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of the head.
To do this, you need to describe a curve and two lines.

Step 2. Add the outline of the nose.
Draw this to the right of the character’s head. The puppy’s nose disappeared in his smile.

Step 3. Describe the outline of the body.
To do this, continue the previously drawn lines with straight and curved lines.

Step 4. Outline the puppy’s paws and tail.
Draw these details on the left side of the torso.

Step 5. Draw the character’s legs.
Describe the legs below the torso with straight, curved lines.

Step 6. Sketch the ears and eyes.
The ears appear pointed. To draw the eyes, draw an oval and a half oval.

Step 7. Add details.
Using two ovals draw the eyebrows. Draw the curves of the nose and abdomen.

Step 8. Add details.
Draw the insides of the ears, stripes on the legs and tail, spots on the body.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
Use different shades of blue, as well as black and beige.

You can see drawing:

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