How to Draw a Mermaid and 3D trick art

How to Draw Mermaids easily through the instructions in the video. The combination of mermaids and 3D painting creates beautiful and magical artwork

How to draw mermaid step by step

Please see the instructions in the video

You can refer to the simple drawing tutorial steps below

Step 1

Draw a curve of the mermaid’s body. As usual, let’s start drawing with the outline of the mermaid’s body. Draw a long curved down cross at the head by a shoulder line and a lower one to indicate upper and lower body of the mermaid. Making these outlines will help you accurately estimate your rate, which is an important step in drawing.

Step 2

Line of the head, head and tail of the mermaid. Draw a circle for the head on the shoulder line. Then draw a thin waist and the pelvis turns into a fish tail with a dolphin fin at the bottom

Step 3

Work on the mermaid’s body. A mermaid is often described as a charming and elegant creature. According to the myths, the mysterious beauty of the mermaid and the evil charms have caused many shipwrecks in the past.

Step 4

Bend one of her arms at the elbow to show that she’s calling someone. At this stage, you can put subtle details on the body and its tail.

Step 5

Delete the pencil lines. After you finish hand painting, use a bleach to remove all unnecessary pencil lines. You’re almost done! Now let’s draw hair and work on the girl’s face.

Step 6

Face of the mermaid. Try to spend time making the face of the mermaid as beautiful as you can. Remember that she uses her beauty as a tool to attract sailors into her trap. It’s all in the details! Add details to the mermaid’s appearance: hair accessories, waist-to-waist, scales on the tail and a fine pattern on the fins.

Step 7

The last step of painting a mermaid. Now your drawing is almost complete, adding shades to her body and dragging her to sit on the waves. Paint the color and cut out a portion of the paper to leave the body in the first place to create interesting 3D effects

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