How to Draw a Lamborghini Veneno Step by Step || Super Car Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Lamborghini Veneno easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Super Car Drawing Tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a Lamborghini Veneno - Super Car Drawing Tutorial

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Lamborghini Veneno is a supercar with a lot of different details, but the first part of this guide will be as simple as possible. According to the tradition of our website, in the first step we need to draw the body plan and it should be done using very light lines.

Step 2

From this step, we will start adding more details to the Lamborghini Venevo. At the front outline lines of the headlights are intricate and the grille is no less complicated. Next, we outline the contours of the large wheel arches and a large spoiler at the rear of the car.

Step 3

We continue to add details to the Lamborghini Veneno drawing. This car is equipped with a door that opens upwards, in this step we will briefly outline them. Next, we draw the contours of the wheels inside the arch and a large air inlet on the back of the body of the Lamborghini.

Step 4

In the previous step, we have completed the outlines of the Lamborghini Veneno bodywork and starting with step four, we will draw in more detail this supercar. First, we carefully draw the contours of the intricately stretched headlights. Next, you draw the details of the bumper and the hood, no less complicated.

Step 5

Let’s move on to the details at the top of our Lamborghini Veneno body. Continuing the lines of the hood, we draw out the windshield. Next, we outline the cool raised doors without frames. On the door, we draw the handles and the rearview mirror.

Step 6

Draw the doorway as shown in our drawing. Draw the outline of a chair inside the intricate doorway. Next, go to the back of Lambo to suck a great amount of wind. By the way, when you draw the details, don’t forget to get rid of unnecessary rules.

Step 7

We continue to draw details on the back of the Lamborghini Veneno. Here we will need to draw the spoiler, the contour of the rear bumper, the rear wing and the bottom line of the sports car. With the help of the eriser we remove all remaining unnecessary rules from the Lambo drawing.

Step 8

Probably the hardest step of a drawing lesson on how to draw a Lamborghini Veneno. So, with the help of smooth and very dark lines, we draw low-round wheels of shape. Next, draw the rings, which can be in our example, or a more unusual form.

Step 9

We are almost done drawing the Lamborghini Veneno, and in the final step of this lesson we will draw a shadow to give our drawing volume. Using the fill feature, paint shadows in the lightest areas of the Lambo’s body. Also, don’t forget to draw highlights and shadows under the car.

Lamborghini is one of the best car manufacturers, its design is definitely worth checking out. As artists, we see our mission as teaching you to see the beauty of such cars and learn how to create works similar to the automotive industry. Don’t forget that the real-world sports car creators also started out by learning how to draw cars by improving their knowledge and skills from scratch. Don’t forget to follow our column “Cars” more often so you don’t miss any new lessons about cars.



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