How To Draw Fairies Step by Step

How To Draw Fairies easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and everyone.

How To Draw Fairies

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Artoo Drawing

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

This is not a step-by-step drawing tutorial, it’s more of a brief description of the three different types of ears with which many fairies are drawn. These ears can also be used in elves, as both creatures are very similar in appearance. Out of the three types, you can choose the type of ears you want your fairy to have on the characters you will draw. Personally, my favorite is the wispy ear located in the middle. I love how the tip of the ear pulls out into a point that makes it appear elegant and subtly elongated.

Step 2

There are three types of wings that I have drawn here to show some of the different options you have when drawing fairy wings for your imaginary self. For me, the first wing is my favorite as the membrane has more detail, the other two wings mean that the fairy is wearing these wings, which will most likely be a beautiful one. You can choose between the three sets you see here to draw your chosen fairy.

Step 3

Start by drawing body frames according to the poses and positions where your shapes will be drawn. This also includes the shape of the head. You can choose to draw both fairies or just one.

Step 4

Start outlining their face shape, then add contours for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The fairy on the left has some hair drawn out as you can see in the sketch step.

Step 5

Both fairies have their faces in this step. Complete the hairstyle for the image on the left, as well as for the image on the right. Then you will choose the type of ears that you want to draw in your fairy tale. Once you’ve made your selection, start sketching the ears. The last thing to do is open the lid to the oversized hat she’s wearing.

Step 6

Finish sketching the hairstyles, and then start drawing the top of the torso with the neck, shoulders, and arms. Once done, you can outline the breast or chest area. Add some details to both girls, and then move on to the next step.

Step 7

Finish drawing the arm shapes on both shapes. Once done, add some embellishments on their bodies. For example, the fairy on the left wears socks, and the fairy on the right wears a necklace. Draw flowers like the bottom of a shirt for her, and then draw the right fairy waist area.

Step 8

You are almost done. Before making the outfit, you will need to sketch out the hat, the ears and the skirt that the girls are wearing. Once done, you can edit the faces and detail a bot more. Now you can start drawing the wings and remember to choose the one you like best. Take time for this step because as you know, a fairy’s wings say a lot about their personality.

Step 9

Now that you’ve reached your end, all you need to do now is sketch out their legs and shoes. The fancy-dressed fairy is wearing a pair of shoes that are slick at the toe and have laces wrapped around her ankles. Draw her long ponytail as you see here as well as her hand clutching a collection bag. For the other fairy, all you have to do is draw the knee-high sock like the shoes on her body, then detail her wings by adding veins on the wing membranes. Erase the extra lines and shapes, then you’re ready to go.

Step 10

In the end your beautiful dynamic fairies look like the fairies you see here. You can now choose between the types of colors you want to shade your characters with. I hope this lesson was helpful. I had a lot of fun to draw with all of you today.

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