How to Draw Nature Scenery of Waterfall with Pencil

How to Draw Nature Scenery of Waterfall easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Landscape drawing for beginners and all.

How to Draw Nature Scenery of Waterfall with Pencil

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Nature Scenery of Waterfall Drawing Step by Step:

Step 1. Sketch the Composition:

Begin by lightly sketching the basic shapes of the waterfall and the house on your paper. Consider the placement of the elements to create a balanced composition.

Step 2. Outline the Waterfall:

Use a pencil to outline the shape of the waterfall. Waterfalls often have a cascading effect, so try to capture the flow and movement of the water. Use curved lines to depict the water flowing down the rocks.

Step 3. Draw the House:

Sketch the main structure of the house. You can choose the style of the house based on your preference, such as a cottage, cabin, or any other design that fits the scene. Add details like windows, doors, and a roof.

Step 4. Add Details to the Waterfall:

Draw details in the waterfall, like rocks and vegetation surrounding it. Use a variety of lines to create texture and convey the natural elements. Pay attention to the direction of the water flow and the splashes created by the falling water.

Step 5. Sketch Surrounding Nature:

Extend your scenery by adding trees, bushes, and other elements surrounding the house and waterfall. This will make the scene more realistic and visually appealing.

Step 6. Shade and Add Depth:

Start shading the different elements of your drawing to add depth. Use light and dark tones to create shadows and highlights. This step will make your drawing more three-dimensional.

Step 7. Finalize the Details:

Refine the details in the house, waterfall, and surrounding nature. Add small features like flowers, rocks, or a path to enhance the overall look of your scenery.

Step 8. Optional: Ink or Outline:

If you want a clean and defined look, you can use a fine-tip black pen or ink to outline the main elements of your drawing. Be patient and take your time to create smooth lines.

Step 9. Erase Guidelines:

Once you are satisfied with your drawing, carefully erase any remaining pencil guidelines to clean up the image.

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