Donkey drawing easy for beginners

Donkey drawing easy for beginners with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw  for beginners and kids.

Donkey drawing easy for beginners

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, we outline our donkey’s body using three circles. Place these shapes in the center of your paper. One of the shapes should be significantly smaller than the other two.

Step 2

Create a straight line connecting the three circles from the first step. Using conventional straight rods, we mark the fore and hind legs.

Step 3

Adding two more lines will connect the three shapes from the first step from the bottom up. These should be smooth lines with a little twist.

Step 4

Awesome, in this step we will take a closer look at our donkey’s head. Try drawing a long, oblong, and rounded shape like in our reference.

Step 5

Add contours of facial features. You can see small almond-shaped eye contours, round nostrils and short mouth line.

Step 6

So in this step we will draw long and narrow ears. These are two narrow triangles that run almost parallel to the asymptote line. Because of the stenosis of the foreskin, we can only see the nearest ear and a small portion of the farthest ear.

Step 7

Let’s outline the outline of the mane in this step. This is not a large and lush mane like some horses, but a small short coat.

Step 8

Great, we can now focus on the limbs of our horse. So outline the outline of the foreleg using graceful curves. These borders are slightly tapered towards the bottom.

Step 9

In this step we add small contours of the hooves. The underside of the hooves is round and slightly convex.

Step 10

The hind legs have more complex contours. Here we see a curve forming an obtuse angle. The upper part of the horse’s legs is very wide.

Step 11

In this step we will draw a few more hooves. The front of the nail appears pointed because the lower edge of the nail has a convex line.

Step 12

This tool is necessary for you to check actions from the previous steps. If you notice any issues, fix them now. You can then remove additional rules and move on to working with colors in the final step.

Step 12

In this step we will work with the colors. We decided to use classic and familiar colors. Prepare the shade of your primary color for a brighter shade. Don’t forget the white accents inside this donkey eye. This will make your drawing look more realistic.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed our tutorial on how to draw a donkey. Don’t forget to write us in the comments what you think about our work. It is very important to us!

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