How to Draw Rinnegan Step by Step

How to Draw Rinnegan with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How to Draw Rinnegan

Please see Rinnegan drawing tutorial in the video below

I am happy to bring you a very interesting and unusual drawing lesson in which I will tell and show you how to draw Rinnegan step by step. This drawing lesson will definitely not leave anime lovers indifferent. Completing this lesson will help you develop your artistic skills, as here you can practice different geometric shapes. While drawing the Rinnegan, you will learn how to draw circles of different diameters. If you want your drawing to look perfect, you can use a compass. However, you can practice this drawing without tools.

The Rinnegan is the greatest jutsu that the god of the shinobi world and the founder of Ninshuu, Rikudo is a Sennin. Doujutsu are ninja abilities that involve the use of one’s own eyes, which are a by-product of the Advanced Genome or Kekkei Mora. The Rinnegan is represented by a signature ring pattern that completely covers the eyeball. It is said that in difficult times, Rinnegan users are sent from heaven to become the “God of Creation” who will bring balance to the world, otherwise the “God of Destruction” will turn everything. things to nothingness.

There are different types of rinnegan. In this tutorial you will draw the Rinnegan using Urashiki tomoe. Urashiki’s Rinnegan can come in many forms to use different abilities: sometimes they are red and contain six tomoes, and sometimes they are blue with a white wavy pattern. A Rinnegan user can wield six abilities: controlling attraction and repulsion, mechanically altering the body, extracting souls, summoning various creatures, absorbing chakra, and approaching the Match king. The seventh ability, known as the Outer Path, allows the user to manipulate life and death, giving them the ability to resurrect the dead.

Now that you have more information about the Rinnegan, you can prepare the necessary art materials, then continue with this lesson. I am sure that you will easily cope with this lesson, and you will also be satisfied with the result of our work.

Rinnegan Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outer outline of the Rinnegan.
To start drawing the Rinnegan, you need to draw a large circle, as shown in the figure.

Step 2. Add some circles inside the Rinnegan’s outline.
You should now draw three more circles of smaller sizes, placing one inside the other.

Step 3. Finish drawing the circles inside the Rinnegan.
Draw three more circles, then add a filled circle in the center of the Rinnegan.

Step 4. Describe the three elements inside the Rinnegan.
Use arcs and short lines to draw three identical elements as shown.

Step 5. Add three elements inside the Rinnegan.
Describe the three elements as in the previous step, placing them on another circle.

Step 6. Color the drawing.
To color this drawing, you should use red and black.

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