How to draw a Milk Step by Step

How to draw a milk

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Step 1 – Draw the front of the milk carton

Start by drawing the front of the carton. Its lower part will be rectangular and the upper part resembles a triangle. When viewing the carton at an angle, draw lines defining the top and bottom of the rectangle as well as the bottom of the triangle at an angle.

When drawing these lines, make sure they are NOT parallel but instead slightly angled towards each other as they enter the background so that if you lengthen them they will eventually converge at the vanishing point.

Note that you don’t actually need to draw out these perspective lines (shown in blue). This example is only intended to help you better understand how perspective drawing is done.

Step 2 – Draw the side

Redraw the edge of the carton, starting with a rectangle similar to the one drawn on the front.

The rectangle should have angled lines so the top and bottom will join if you stretch them far enough. The point (vanishing point) they join must be at the same level (eye/horizon level) as the point for the other rectangle.

Next, you’ll want to add a little “roof” like bit at the top of the rectangle. The line defining the top of this section should again point towards the same vanishing point as the rectangle of that side of the carton.

Again, you don’t need to draw perspective lines, the examples are just meant to show you what you should aim for.

Step 3 – Draw the top part

For this short step, add the steal to the top of the carton.

Again, this should be drawn in perspective so that its top line points towards the second convergence point.

You can first draw the stamp using only straight lines and then round its corners.

Step 4 – Draw the fold

For this quick step, simply adding a line will help show that the side of the carton is folded at the top. And so you have a fairly complete sketch of the main shape of the milk box.

Step 5 – Complete drawing the line

With the main shape of the carton defined, you can add a small label area to it as in the example above.

You can estimate the angle of the lines that define the labels by pointing them back toward the corresponding vanishing points.

Once you have finished drawing the label, you can trace over your drawing with darker lines as mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial.

Step 6 – Color the milk carton

Finally, you can color the carton. You can also optionally add the word “milk” to it as in the example

To add text, first project a few extra lines to help you space the letters from the edges of the label. Draw these lines very gently. The example lines are darker so they are easier to see. Also, try drawing lines that follow the rules of perspective and aim at the second convergence point.

Once done, you can write text in between them (again with very light pencil lines). These will then serve as guides that you can color around to create the white text of the word “milk.” Also, remember to try to keep the thickness of the letters even throughout as you color around them.

Please note that the above only applies if you draw on paper. If drawing digitally, simply add the letters on top of the label color.

You can see more drawing:

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