How to Draw a Satyr Step by Step

In the mythology of ancient Greece there are many very famous characters, and satyr is one of them. Satyrs in Greek mythology are the gods of the forest, the devil of fertility, cheerful goat-legged creatures that inhabit the islands of Greece. Satyr is lazy and loose, he spends his time drinking and hunting pupae. And today’s lesson on how to draw a satyr is devoted to this very creature.

How to Draw a Satyr

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Let’s start with an almost normal skeleton. First of all, outline the contours of the oval head with two intersecting lines. Next, outline the spine, on which draw the chest and pelvis. Use simple lines to outline the arms and legs with the bottom slightly curved.

Step 2

Now let’s add some details about our figure. On the head draw curved horns. Next, outline the shape of the torso, arms, and legs using simple geometric shapes. Sketch two long flutes on the hand. Note that the right leg resembles the leg of a goat.
How to draw satyr step by step

Step 3

Starting with this step, we will draw the details in our drawing. Using clear and dark lines, we need to draw eyes with frowning brows. Below they draw a nose, mustache and mouth.

Step 4

In this step we will finish drawing the details of the satyr’s head. Carefully draw the contours of the horns, hair and curved beard. Also draw the contours of the long tongue and ears with pointed tips.

Step 5

Now let’s move on to drawing the arms of the satyr. Carefully draw the contours of the muscles of the arm, as in our example. Notice that the arm should be sufficiently muscular and supple. At the end of the step, draw the flutes, using long and clear lines and remove all unnecessary guides from the arms.

Step 6

The arms are drawn and we proceed to the torso. Here we need to draw the outline of the rather pronounced pectoral and oblique abs. Also, here we draw the outline of the satyr’s simple clothes.

Step 7

In this step we will draw the lower part of the satyr’s body. Carefully draw the outlines of the loincloth and the folds on it. With the help of a few strokes, you can draw “shaggy” outlines on the legs of the satyr. Draw the large hooves and move on to step eight.

Step 8

The satyr drawing is almost done, it’s still just to give it a bit of realism. To do this, we will draw a few shadows with the help of varying opacity – more dense for the shadows and less dense for the highlights.

The lesson on how to draw satyr is over. But don’t forget that we have a lot of interesting characters and creatures from myths on our website. So visit the “Myths and Legends” category to learn how to draw them all.

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