How to Draw a Jet Ski

How to Draw a Jet Ski with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Also included is a printable version of this jet ski drawing lesson.

How to Draw a Jet Ski

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Sketch the hull

Outline the hull by creating an oval.

Step 2. Draw the lining on the hull

Draw the lining on the hull by creating a thin shape as shown.

Step 3. Add steering controls

Add steering control by first drawing a downward curve. Next, form a bar and attach a shape similar to the illustration at the top of the bar.

Step 4. Attach the handlebars

Attach the handlebars by forming a small cylinder.

Step 5. Draw the skier’s head

First draw the skier’s head by drawing a U-shaped line. Next, draw a small curved line for the ear. Now, draw two dots for the eyes and short, curved downward lines for the eyebrows. Add the nose and mouth by drawing small curved lines. Then, create the hair by drawing a wavy line as shown.

Step 6. Add the body

Add the skier’s body by first drawing the neck using a U-shaped line. Next, outline the vest over the torso by forming a dome shape with a line down the middle. Then, draw the bathing suit by first creating ovals and then connecting them to the body as shown.

Step 7. Attach limbs

Attach the arms by drawing two wavy shapes. Next, create the leg shape by drawing two pairs of straight lines as shown. Make sure to remove the parts of the bathing suit that overlap the legs.

Step 8. Draw the wake line

Draw waves and white water below the jet ski by creating bumpy shapes. Next, form wavy horizontal lines for the rest of the water.

Step 9. Complete the Jet Ski drawing

Complete the jet ski drawing by first coloring the jet ski hull with white, green, and black pens. Next, color in the steering controller with black and gray pens. Now, color the skin with a light brown pencil. Then, color the hair with a yellow pencil. Then, color the vest with an orange pen and the bathing suit with a red pen. Finally, color the sky and water with different shades of blue!

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