How to draw A girl wearing a beautiful lehenga

How to draw A girl wearing a beautiful lehenga

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

A girl wearing a beautiful lehenga Drawing

Step 1: Draw the Head

Start by drawing a circular shape for the head. You can use a coin or any round object as a guide to make a neat circle.

Step 2: Sketch the Body

Draw a vertical line from the bottom of the head to represent the center of the body. This line will serve as a guide for the body’s proportions. Sketch two curved lines on either side of the center line to create the shoulders and upper body.

Step 3: Draw the Lehenga’s Waist

Below the upper body, draw a horizontal line to represent the waist of the girl. The lehenga typically starts from the waist and flares out.

Step 4: Create the Flare of the Lehenga

From the waistline, draw two curved lines that expand outward, creating the flare of the lehenga. Make sure the flare is wide and flowy, as lehengas are known for their voluminous shape. You can make the flare as wide as you like, depending on your artistic interpretation.

Step 5: Draw the Blouse

Above the waistline, draw another horizontal line to represent the girl’s blouse. The blouse should be a bit shorter than the upper body to leave a small gap.

Step 6: Add Sleeves and Neckline

From the blouse, extend lines down to create the sleeves. You can add any design you like to the blouse and sleeves. Commonly, lehenga blouses have intricate patterns or embroidery. You can also draw the neckline according to your preference.

Step 7: Sketch the Hair

Draw the girl’s hair. You can give her any hairstyle you like, such as long, straight hair or a braid. Be creative with the hair design.

Step 8: Add Face Details

Draw the facial features, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can also add jewelry like earrings or a bindi (forehead decoration).

Step 9: Complete the Lehenga

Add details to the lehenga, such as decorative patterns, borders, or embroidery. Lehengas are often richly embellished, so feel free to be creative with your designs.

Step 10: Finalize and Erase Unwanted Lines

Go over your drawing, refining any lines and adding additional details as needed. Erase any unwanted lines or marks from the initial sketch.

Step 11: Color (Optional)

If you want to add color to your drawing, use colored pencils or markers to bring the lehenga and other elements to life.

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