How to draw a Tank T-34 Step by Step

How to draw a Tank T-34 easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorials for beginners and eveyone.

How to draw tank T-34

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

W starts drawing with towers and crates. We start drawing with towers and crates. We usually start with stikmen, but we’re not talking about a person here, and we like to draw the tank top-down, piece by piece. And we’ll start with the top of the tank – nothing fancy, just copy from our sample and move on. Draw the tower as an oval, draw the barrel with two parallel lines.

Step 2

We sketch the tank body and the chassis – the tank track. This and the previous steps are necessary to draw with very light strokes so that it is easier to erase all the guides afterwards.

Step 3

Time to add some volume and detail. We sketch a few circles on the sides for the crate, add a hatch and a few lines on the top of the barrel. Gradually delete all unnecessary instructions.

Step 4

Removes additional guides from the tank’s tower. Draw the barrel of our tank T-34 and add a few more details such as the handle on the side of the tower and a hole on the side of the barrel..

Step 5

We outline the contours of the armor (wings), which cover the chassis. Note that all lines of this step must be straight. On the front side of the track we can see small rectangles – parallelograms, formed by a slight bend of the wing down.

Step 6

To be precise, draw some more rounded parts on the front of the tank – a machine gun on the left and a headlight on the right. We also represent the square hatch and the rectangular bar at the front.

Step 7

We outline the road wheel. Note that the outer wheels must be much smaller than the other wheels. In the same step, circle all the previously drawn strokes. Also, we remove the markup from the previous steps so that the tank drawing starts to look complete.

Step 8

We are slowly approaching the final step of the drawing tutorial on how to draw a T-34 tank. Now draw the wheel and texture of the outer parts of the tank track.

Step 9

At the final stage, we add shadows to our t-34 tank. The drop shadow is pretty simple – a significant portion of the shadow looks like black points of contrast. The shadows, which are lighter, are applied using the usual thickening.

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