How to Draw a Ferry Boat step by step

How to Draw a Ferry

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Step 1. Draw the ship’s hull

First, sketch the hull by drawing a shape similar to the illustration. Next, draw the horizontal line of the ship’s hull as shown.

Step 2. Form the superstructure

Let’s create the outline of the superstructure on the ferry by drawing two shapes with a protrusion on the right. Next, draw a horizontal line across the lower superstructure. Then, attach a chimney to the top superstructure.

Step 3. Add Windows

Add windows on the ferry’s superstructure by drawing rectangles.

Step 4. Create Taffrails

Create taffrails by drawing a long horizontal line with small vertical lines attached to the bottom as shown.

Step 5. Draw the water body

Draw the water around the ferry by creating wavy horizontal lines.

Step 6. Complete the ferry drawing

How to Draw a Ferry

Complete the ferry drawing by adding colors! First, use a red pencil to shade the bottom of the superstructure as well as the bottom of the hull. Also use a red pencil to color the chimney. Now let’s fill in the windows with a blue pencil. Next, color in the rest of the ferry using a white marker. Finally, color the sky and water with different shades of blue.

You can see more boat drawings:

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