how to draw a cute cupcake step by step

how to draw a cute cupcake step by step for kids

How to draw Draw cute cupcake

Please see the detailed instructions in the video above.

Beginners can easily draw cute cupcakes through the following steps:

Step 1

Start by forming a large cup.

STep 2

Draw the cream inside the cup with the characteristic spiral of ice cream

Step 3

Add decorative patterns in the ice cream, add pieces of decorative fruit. Add 2 sticks of cake.

Step 4

An important step to creating a cute cupcake is to draw a cute face with big eyes on the cup.

Step 5

Finally, coloring the cupcake. coloring your hobbies


So you can draw a cute cartoon cupcake, Drawing colorful cakes is a favorite theme and attracts young children.

Youngsters or adults can refer to tutorials in videos or articles to help young children find their way.

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