Barbie Mermaid drawing & coloring pages for kids

How to draw Barbie Mermaid chibi & coloring pages for kids

Learn how to draw a cartoon mermaid with these simple step-by-step instructions! This is also a familiar character in fairy tales as well as cartoons. I like the little mermaid, you are the best, especially the little ones. And now we see together and draw cute mermaids.

Barbie Mermaid drawing & coloring pages for kids

See detailed and interesting instructions in the video.

You can follow these simple drawing steps:

Step 1

First draw big eyes, This is an important step in creating the beauty of the painting. Pay attention to draw the eyelashes.

Step 2

Followed by drawing a face with a small mouth and mouth, Draw the hair flowing and slightly bulging on one side.

Step 3

Next, draw the body part with sitting posture and miss the mermaid who has no legs with only big fish. Notice the tail of the fish along the road.

Step 4

Finish the cute mermaid by coloring your liking.

So just a few simple steps we can easily draw the mermaid. I hope you can create more characters to make your own adorable fish.


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