how to draw a cute squirrel step by step

how to draw a cute cartoon squirrel step by step for kids

how to draw a cute squirrel step by step

Please see the detailed instructions in the video above!

Beginners can easily draw squirrels with the following steps:

Step 1

Start bearing the shape of the head – as well as the detailed parts in and around it. Note how the cross helps compare the symmetry of the eyes, nose, mouth

Step 2

The next step is to complete the head – duplicate the ears, and then – move down to start drawing the arm of your cartoon squirrel. Notice – the lines are carefully and sequentially set at this point, to avoid the need to delete as you go. Of course, erasing everything now and then works better for you – in every way leading the way. More attention before hand , can save you work down the road.

Step 3

Now – use the shapes of the framework … go ahead and sketch in the body of your cartoon squirrel. It’s easy when you have that big circle to guide you along. You can go for a more crease if you want to create the impression of fur. Branch out and creative with ready-made structure!

Step 4

Again – you can start to see, I’ve ordered the parts of the lesson in a specific way. Whenever there is an easier way to approach it – I will try to do it that way. Leave the squirrel mouth until the end of the example, allowing you to capture the whole image – and while you are in the process of painting, think about the different ways you can solve the last problem. same and ‘tedious’ parts.

Step 5

Finally finish the cute squirrel by coloring, you can color as you like. I bowl the belly and a light orange tail, the rest is brown.

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