how to draw a cute cartoon chicken

how to draw a cute cartoon chicken step by step for kids

How to draw a cartoon chicken

How to draw Chickens. Chicken Drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials. Learn how to draw cartoon chicken, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons.

Please see the fun drawing tutorial in the video above

Step 1

Make two shapes in the form of eggs. The head shape should be slightly smaller than the body.

Step 2

When drawing chicken heads, be sure to shape the curve for the forehead, and then draw in the chicken crown as four. Take your head back and go to step three.

Step 3

Continue drawing the body starting with the neck and chest first. Once you’ve done that, you can pull out the rounded wings, and the back of the chicken’s body draws in a narrower to the tail. Leave a blank space for the tail in the next step.

Step 4

We will draw the tail, and draw big round eyes. Next, draw the mines almost triangular.

Step 5

Next we draw the chicken legs

Step 6

Finally finish the painting and color the chicken to your liking.

I hope with the simple steps above and see detailed chicken drawing tutorial in the video you can easily draw and get more creative.


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