Peach Drawing Easy for Beginners || Fruit Drawing Tutorials

Peach Drawing Easy for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Fruit Drawing Tutorials for Beginners and everyone.

Peach Drawing Easy for Beginners - Fruit Drawing Tutorials

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Outline the shape of the peach

Start by drawing the outer shape of the peach. In this case, it should be quite symmetrical on both sides. To help you see if both halves are relatively equal width, start by creating a line across the center of your drawing area. You can draw a peach yourself in half. Create its incorporated outer shape with a slight concave above and with a slightly pointed tip at the bottom. Slightly like a heart.

Step 2 – Draw the dividing line

Now let’s add a hint of a very specific split for the peach as well as the dent just below the top of the trunk. Draw a pretty much the outside shape of one side of the peach a short distance away. For the top concave, draw it like a wave.

Step 3 – Draw the trunk

Add the stem part to the top of the peach from the indentation drawn in the previous step. Delete the part of the drawing that matches the outer shape of the peach. Peach has a rather short body so drawing proportions also makes her torso narrower on the bottom and slightly wider at the top. Once that’s done, you should have a complete drawing of the peach. You can leave it at this stage or go to the next step to add a break.

Step 4 – Draw the outer shapes of the leaves

To make the peach more interesting, you can add a pair of leaves. Draw a larger leaf and a smaller one to look more natural. In general, peaches have long and narrow leaves, the narrower when drawn at an angle.

Step 5 – Draw the midrib on the leaf

Draw the midrib between the leaves. Position them so that they are a little closer to the bottom. This is because the leaves fold slightly and the corners of the bottom will make it appear narrower.

Step 6 – Draw lines on the leaves

To complete the drawing, add some ribs to the leaf. The veins on each side of the leaf will tend to have their respective veins on the other side, but you should also draw some of them out of alignment.

After you’ve drawn the ridges, check to make sure everything is in place. If you are happy with your drawing and have drawn the suggested light pencil lines at the top of the tutorial, you can now review them with darker brush strokes.


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